The perfect set of brows have the power to lift, shape and harmonise the face.

Thinning eyebrow hair is caused by a number of factors including over plucking, medical issues of just simply as we grow older.

Achieving natural looking brows using makeup pencils and powders is a time consuming and frustrating challenge. Permanent cosmetics mean you will enjoy the benefits of perfectly shaped eyebrows all year round.

Natural Hairstroke Brow


Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment

This is most suited to those who have definite eyebrows but would like to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. A shadow of colour is created behind the natural hair growth, creating the effect of perfectly applied cosmetic shadow or pencil.

Colourmist Brow


Includes aftercare and follow-up treatment

This is the solution if you have little or no hair growth in the eyebrow area. Fine hair strokes give the appearance of real hair to create the perfect brow shape.

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