Hello and welcome to the Colour Emporium. A selection of services offering you an alternative to high street makeup and cosmetic products.

My name is Carrie and im here to provide you with a helping hand to bring out the best in your natural beauty.

As a Permanent cosmetic technician and professional Makeup artist I pride myself in precision quality work.

Specalising in cosmetic colour pigment, I create natural enhancements using natural Mineral Makeup and permanent cosmetics. Allowing you to look your best 24/7 with the benefits of healthy skin and a naturally glowing complexion..

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Permanent Makeup

This is a type of cosmetic tattooing, where small particles of natural base pigment are infused into the top layers of the skin.
Permanent or Semi Permanent Makeup as it is also known are suitable for many different people and can be designed to suit each individual look.
Colour pigment matched perfectly with your skin, will create the effect of expertly applied cosmetics.

Permanent cosmetics allow you to enhance your features without the daily need to apply makeup. It is a waterproof, smudgeproof, effortless way of looking your best 24/7.

Permanent Cosmetics

Frequently Asked Questions?

Does it hurt?
I use a topical numbing gel to reduce any discomfort felt during the procedure. Many clients say it is actually a relaxing feeling and a few even drift off to sleep.

How long does it last?
Your enhancement can last many years, gradually fading over time as your skin cells exfoliate and renew. The speed depends on many things such as sun exposure and skin type. I recommend a Colour boost session every 12 to 18 months to refresh your permanent cosmetics.

What will I look like immediately after my procedure?
Your enhancement will appear up to 50% darker for around 3-7 days after your initital procedure. This colour will fade as your skin cells renew within 2-4 weeks to show the true healed effect of your permanent cosmetics.

Can I still wear makeup afterwards?
Permanent cosmetics do not replace traditional makeup all together. You can add extra Colour products to suit any occasion or outfit. I recommend using Mineral Makeup to all my clients, these products can be used on all permanent cosmetic treatments and allow the skin to breathe while the area heals.

What about allergic reaction?
Tattoo pigments have been used in all skin tones for thousands of years. Reactions are very rare indeed. Nouveau Contour permanent cosmetic pigments are hypo allergenic and pharmaceutical grade pigments manufactured under strict EU guidelines.

What are the differences between permanent cosmetics and traditional tattooing?
Permanent cosmetics are a form of tattooing that uses specialist cosmetic needles to create the effect of naturally applied cosmetics. The infused particles of pigment are placed at a depth of 0.5mm which is not as deep as a traditional ‘Bodyart’ tattoo. The natural based pigments are designed to softly blend with the natural skin tone but traditional tattoo pigments sit heavier in the skin creating a more definite hard line.

The Consultation

If you would like to discuss enhancing your natural beauty and the benefits of permanent cosmetics, I would recommend a consultation.
We will discuss any questions you may have and look at before and after images. Looking at your skin tone, hair, face shape and features before using mineral makeup to mimic the effect of permanent cosmetics.

We will discuss the perfect colour choice for you using Nouveau Contour pigment plus system and talk through what to expect from your permanent cosmetic treatment.

When you are confident the effect is for you, a patch test along with advice forms will be given to you to complete before your appointment

Eyebrow Treatments

Eyebrow Treatments

The perfect set of brows have the power to lift, shape and harmonise the face.

Thinning eyebrow hair is caused by a number of factors including over plucking, medical issues of just simply as we grow older.

Achieving natural looking brows using makeup pencils and powders is a time consuming and frustrating challenge. Permanent cosmetics mean you will enjoy the benefits of perfectly shaped eyebrows all year round.

Colourmist Brow

This is most suited to those who have definite eyebrows but would like to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape. A shadow of colour is created behind the natural hair growth, creating the effect of perfectly applied cosmetic shadow or pencil.

Natural Hairstroke brow

is the solution for people who have very little or no hair growth in the eyebrow area. Fine hair strokes give the appearance of real hair to create the perfect brow shape.

Eyeliner Treatments

Applying eyeliner on a day to day basis can be time consuming and even the most steady handed person can end up with smudges throughout the day. Permanent Eyeliner treatments are a perfect solution for busy people, sporty people, people with alopecia or poor eyesight.

Eyeliner Treatments

Lash Enhancement:

Pigment is infused throughout the lash line, creating the appearance of thicker eyelashes with depth and colour at the roots.

Fine Eyeliner:

This effect extends beyond the lash line to create a precise fine eyeline to enhance your eyeshape. If you use a coloured cosmetic product, colours can be introduced here to compliment your eyes.

Thick Eyeliner:

This creates extra definition with the eyeline broadening towards the outer corner. This effect lifts and opens the eyes. The bottom lashline can also be thicker to balance the effect.

Lip Treatments

Mother nature has not blessed us all with the perfect full luscious lips but with permanent cosmetics we can create fullness and definition without the daily task of applying lip products.

As we get older the natural pigment in our lips can fade and they become thinner. As well as replacing colour, we can create symmetry and redefine your natural shape.

Lip Treatments

Lip Line

If you are happy with the shape of your lips but require added definition or colour to the border, this is the treatment for you. This creates the perfect contoured lip shape, usually In a natural shade.

Lip Blush

A lipline with a soft blend into the main part of the lip. This effect allows us to reinvent the lip shape creating symmetry and fullness.

Full Lip Colour

Creating full lip colour with definition and fullness. Apply a natural lipbalm or gloss for perfectly defined and glossy lips everyday.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

With the cosmetic counters over flowing with new products it is difficult to know which choices are right for you.  Everybody wants to have healthy, glowing skin but there is a danger of causing more harm than good when in the search for that perfect product.

In many cases sensitive and problematic skin can be due to use of traditional high street cosmetics, which include Synthetic pigment, talc and bulking agents.

These products can contain up to 90% synthetic ingredients, sometimes pigments similar to those found in household paint. With 60% of these ingredients being absorbed into our skin, its important we are aware of the risks involved and the options available to us.
An allergic reaction to some of the most commonly used synthetic ingredients can develop over time. The simplest and safest solution lies in using natural products which can be easily absorbed and being aware of which products to avoid.

The purest Mineral colour cosmetics are carefully formulated from rich coloured natural pigment taken directly from the earth as well as carefully choosen botanical ingredients.
Consider mineral makeup as a long lasting, protective, safe way of allowing you to be creative with cosmetic colour on a day to day basis.


Mineral Colour Masterclass

During this masterclass, I will guide you towards choosing the right mineral cosmetic colour choices for you. Looking at your hair, skin, eyes and current style we look at how to hide the things you don’t want to see and enhance the things you do!

I invite you to bring your makeup bag along with you so we can discuss application tips along with any questions you may have before makeup application. I will provide tips and hints for you to take away with you including samples of minerals to try at home.

Special Occasion Application

If you require makeup application for a special occasion then I can apply the perfect colour and textures for you. It may be a prom, party, wedding, birthday or just a special night out. The selection of professional products I use within my kit assures for a long lasting look.

Bridal Makeup

Wedding Makeup

It is important to look and feel fabulous on your wedding day and choosing to have your makeup applied by a professional can guarantee a flawless carefully considered application. It may be dramatic, natural, modern, vintage, classic or alternative. Your Bridal make-up should reflect your personality and enhance your features to ensure you still look like yourself, a flawless radiant version on your big day.

The Bridal Consultation

During your consultation we will consider your skin, hair and eye colour, as well as discussing your dress, bridesmaids, flowers and any colour themes you would like to incorporate.

Using mineral makeup we will discuss any ideas you may have and take your current routine into consideration before creating the perfect look for you. You may like to bring along magazine cuttings you may have saved or swatches of material for when discussing colour.

Any current concerns you have can be resolved during the trial including any skin and beauty routine problems. Ideally to allow enough time the trial should be booked 4-6 weeks before the big day.

We will confirm timings for the wedding day, considering your hair appointment, photographer and location to make sure your wedding morning runs smoothly.

Should your venue be more than a 30mile radius from me(currently York yo32) a small additional charge will be incurred to cover travel costs.

Bridal Lesson

If you are a dab hand at applying your own make-up or are getting married abroad a bridal make-up lesson might be the thing for you!

Before your lesson I ask you to complete a short questionnaire allowing me to gain an insight into your wedding ideas and your current cosmetic choices.

I recommend you bring your makeup bag along so we can have a peek at what you are currently using. You may have a hidden gem that suits your day or need a little advice about choosing the right products for you.

Bridal Lessons include an eyebrow shape if needed, skin care advice, a bridal look just for you and samples of mineral cosmetics for you to experiment with at home. Using a bridal application sheet to note dow all you have learnt during your lesson,  we will also look at applying false lashes for added drama if required.

We will create a flawless, long lasting camera ready look in step by step stages for you to follow. You will learn how to enhance your eyes using the correct colour choices, how to assure your skin blends seamlessly and smudge free. Lessons are also available in groups, a lovely way to pamper the bridal party all together.

The Bridal Party

As a day of celebration there may be other members of the bridal party who wish to be pampered. We can build a package bespoke to your bridesmaids, Mother of the bride or anyone else who may enjoy the relaxation of having makeup applied to enhance their features and compliment their outfit. Mineral cosmetics assure a long lasting flawless finish for all ages and skin types. Group lessons are available for those getting married abroad.

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